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Navodila za uporabo nivojev 1-6
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Instructions for use, levels 1-6:
Instructions for use, levels 1-6:

Instructions for use VelosiMedTM nevrovadbe, levels 1-6:

1. IMPORTANT!Listen only with stereo headphones!

2. Take a comfortable possition, preferably in the seated position with a straight spine.You may sit in such a way that yor back is supported if you desire.  Listen to VelosiMed nevrovadba with eyes closed. Sound volume is not important - the level shoud be comfortabel for you. The effects are not dependent on volume, but the continuous daly listening.

3. Do not skip levels! The biggest benefits will result from the progressive exercise. Analogy: if you have never run in your life you probably would not immediately atend the marathon. The same applies to VelosiMed nevrovadbo - a gradual approach is essential if you want the maximum benefits and effects.

4. For Level 1: The first 14 days only listen to the first half hour 1st level. It will graduallly take you, over thirty minute period, from an alpha to a deep delta brain wave state.

5. For each level you need at least half a year of rather regular exercise.

6. From Level 2 on you can repeat second part (Big Blue)if your meditation is longer than an hour. But always listen to the first part first, then the second part, which can then  be repeated.

7. If you are presently using some other meditation, you continue to do so as you listen to VelosiMed nevrovadba. Just passively listen to the sounds and let your mind do wathever it wants to do.

8. Don’t be disturbed by the thoughts, that are surfacing while you are listening to VelosiMed.
The aim of longstanding meditation is actually a meditation without thoughts and internal dialogue, but to reach this goal a lot of practice is needed  and reframing of  subconscious patterns,mental  brakes and frustrations. The essence of VelosiMed nevrovadbe is right here: to help you find and redefine dysfunctional unconscious patterns . During the VelosiMed meditation just pasively observe your thoughts.

9. Accept everything that happens to you (including the feeling that nothing happens to you) between VelosiMed nevrovadba, as a natural process of your personal growth. Each person is a world of his own and the perception of nevrovadbe is different for each person. In nevrovadba there is no right and wrong responses.

You are ready for the next level of VelosiMed when all of the following conditions are met:
1. You listened to VelosiMed fairly regularly at least half a year or more.
2. Any possible emotional, mental or physical outbreaks during listening of nevrovadbe have eased.
3. During the listening of VelosiMed nevrovadba you stay awake and conscious.

Detailed explanation: VelosiMedTM nevrovadba 

One of the most useful applications of VelosiMed nevrovadba is training of our brain to form new neural connections and routes, and growth of new neurons. This leads to increas of your tolerance threshold, and you recognize the dysfunctional patterns that hinder you on your way to self realization. The identification of dysfunctional behavior and your capabilite to be conscious of them helps you to overcome them because you realise that you no longer need them.
With regular use of VelosiMed nevrovadba you can thus achieve the desired mental and emotional state and increase your intellectual capacity. The result of nevrovadbe is also higher threshold for stress. In other words: less and less things or eventscan "get you of the track",or enger you or make you sad.
By regularly listening to VelosiMed nevrovadbe your brain hemisphere will begin to function in more coordinated and balanced way. These brain waves, the scientists first measured in the Tibetan monks who have meditated for ten years or more, eight hours a day! Who of us can afford this!?

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  • 11.06.2014  
    Alenka: Nevrovada mi je pomagala iz dokaj depresivnega obdobja. Dejansko sem veliko bolj pozorna na to kaj in kako delam. Imam več izbire v življenju, pa ...
  • 11.06.2014  
    Vesna: Neverjetno me pomirja. Lažje grem skozi dan. Hvala.

  • 06.12.2013  
    Milena: Hvala!

    ne morem verjeti, da migren ni več. Nevrovadba je super.

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